Living Legacy Book

The Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc. have published a Kindle version of the 50th Anniversary Living Legacy Book to support the Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area and George Genereux Urban Regional Park anniversary activities.

This book features activities to connect to nature and heritage. An exploration of nature, and history to delve into the both natural science enjoyment and heritage. This book is your passport entrance to the natural world awaiting you outside your doorstep.

Front Cover Living Legacy 50th Anniversary Book

With each donation, or call for recycling a new page is released to the general public (under copyright not for commercial re-use) for PDF download for personal / classroom enjoyment. It’s a win-win. All the Ways to Give and Save Thanks so much for everyone who has donated to date! We have some catching up to do! As a way of saying seasons greetings, and enormous appreciation to all our donors, we will put all the pages of the Living Legacy 50th Anniversary Book online for you to download for educational and recreational purposes. The content is still under copyright so please do not re-sell the content.

Living Legacy 50 Years 50 Activities on ISSUU Flip Book

Page 1 Introduction

Page 2 Map and Directions

Page 3 George Genereux Park and Richard St. Barbe Baker Forest Trails

Page 4 Word Search

Page 5 Art Activities Paint or Sketch

Page 5a Michif Puzzle

Page 6 Tree Of Life challenge

Page 7 Pet Selfie

Page 7 Michif Word Search

Page 8 Community Service

Page 9 Favourite Place Butterflies

Page 9 French Wordsearch. Recherche de mot

Page 10 Young Baby Names

Page 11 Gratitude Rocks Painting

Page 12 Old Bone Trail Puzzle

Page 12 Old Bone Trail Answers

Page 12 Cryptograms Wordfalls Olympics

Page 13 Trim (Decorate) a Tree Challenge

Page 14 Groups, Herds and Flocks

Page 15 Favourite Place

Page 16 Heritage Film

Page 17 Nature Bingo

Page 18 Ultramarathon Frenzy

Page 19 Adopt a Tree Friend

Page 20 My Life My Trees Baker

Page 21 Sing a Song

Page 21a George Genereux The Olympic Games

Page 22 George Genereux

Page 23 Tree Height Clinometer

Page 24 Find the Linden Tree Challenge

Page 25 Tree Art

Page 26 Art Book Challenge Quotations

Page 27 French Puzzle Les Animaux

Page 27 Twisted Remarkable Tree Scavenger Hunt

Page 28 Communicating Organism

Page 29 TREE Dedrochronology

Page 30 Paint Challenge Eyvind Earle

Page 31 Geocaching

Page 32 Book Challenge Paul Hanley Book

Page 33 Poetry Song

Page 34 Acrostic

Page 35 Shelterbelt App

Page 36 Dancing Tree Planting Song

Page 37 Video challenge

Page 38 Haiku Frog

Page 39 Message Rocks

Page 40 Puns Arts Activities

Page 41 iNaturalist

Page 42 Earth Footprint REDUCE R’s

Page 43 Climate Action Afforestation

Page 44 Squirrel Habitat Climate

Page 45 Richard St. Barbe Baker Quotations

Page 46 Richard St. Barbe Baker Double Puzzle

Page 47a Richard St. Barbe Baker Cryptograms

Page 47b Richard St. Barbe Baker Cryptograms

Page 47c Richard St. Barbe Baker Cryptograms

Page 47 Richard St. Barbe Baker Word Search

Page 48 Michif Insects Crossword

Page 49 Nature Crossword Puzzle

Page 50 Kihteyayak

Page 51a Nature Suduko

Page End Living Legacy Anniversary

End Cover Frontispiece

Back Cover

Living Legacy takes you on a journey through history and natural science to awaken inquisitive naturalists and curiosity. These activities will sharpen your skills as an observer, and bring intrigue to your relationship with our rich heritage. This is a way to become more intimate with our eco-heritage, and stimulate your curiosity.

Activities and word search puzzles offered as an introduction to Michif (la laang Métis), néhiyaw masinahikan (Cree language), langue française (French language). The main portion of the book caters to those with English as their primary language.

Order your copy and support the semi-wilderness environment and conservation of the flora and fauna.

A round of appreciation is extended to the City of Saskatoon, Mosaic, Sask Energy for their support in making this publication possible, thank you kindly.

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