Curriculum Resources



Manual of Instructional Materials for Teachers and Naturalists Teaching About Fungi: Grades K-12


Borrow GPS Units, Borrow SnowShoes have a great classroom adventure for parents and educators

Sask Outdoors resources

Canadian Light Source Lessons and Resources TREE – Trembling Aspen tree rings and Indignous Connections and Lesson Templates

Smokey Bear

The Book of Stuff to Do Outside

Teacher Resources [Brightwater]

  1. Canada’s Forest Heritage
  2. Climate Change
  3. Biodiversity
  4. Forest Sustainability
  5. Species at Risk
  6. Forests and Water
  7. The Boreal Forest
  8. Canada’s Boreal Forest
  9. Canada’s Forests
  10. Teacher’s Guide
  11. Forest Fires Handle with Care

Ready … Set … Wonder? prompts provided by early years educators for engaging with nature

Saskatchewan In Motion outside activities

National Tree Day Educational ToolKit – Tree Canada

Saskatchewan Parks Classroom Resources for  Teachers

Environmental Science 20 resources.

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