City Nature Challenge ID Party

Help to place Saskatoon and Area on the World Nature Stage!

This is an amazing virtual ID session to flip unknowns on iNaturalist! Have you never come across an unknown on iNaturalist? Well here is a wonderful evening of fun!

This is a hints and tips workshop on making iNaturalist identifications being offered to get you motivated and inspired. Whence you watch that YouTube video, you will surely wish to hop on board on Fri, May 6, 2022 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM CST for the City Nature Challenge ID or Identification Party

Anyone at all can help with identifications, and help flip unknowns! You don’t even have to know anything about the species. Teams of experts will be reviewing and updating the information that’s submitted, so you can log back in later and learn more about what you’ve been working on. You get out of iNaturalist what you put into it!

So it is just fine if you just stay with the larger taxon unit, and suggest that the observation looks like an elephant, deer, rhinoceros, butterfly, flowering plant, ant, spider, and just let the specialist scientists do the rest. There are extra points in Saskatchewan for anyone who discovers the elephant and rhinoceros in the Saskatchewan observations though 😉

We look forward to you coming on by! The City Nature Challenge runs between April 29 to May 2 Saskatoon and area will compete for the title of the most Biodiverse City. We need your help. The goals are to engage the public in the collection of biodiversity data, with three awards each year for the cities and areas that 1/ makes the most observations, 2/ find the most species, and 3/ engage the most people. We’re so excited to have this fun friendly competition with a chance to place Saskatoon and Area on the World Stage for the City Nature Challenge 2022! #CNCYXE People going out during their baseball games, and finding ladybugs on their iNaturalist app, or taking photos through iNaturlist of ants while watching soccer games is wonderful! What about the dog walk, what plants and animals will FIDO sniff at? With iNaturalist loaded onto your smart phone, you can find the names of these plants and animals, insects and mushrooms. Help your students and sons, and daughters discover the names of What is it?

These identification parties are wonderful tools to “find the most species.” So thanks for coming along.

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