The greatest gift of all is life

World Population Day
11 July 2018

The world’s problem, is not a population explosion, but animal explosion. We’ve got to decide whether we are going to feed animals or humans. To feed animals is a roundabout way of getting food. It takes 18 times more land to feed people on beef than on vegetables, nuts fruits and grains. Richard St. Barbe Baker.

“The greatest gift of all is life. For millions of years the trees were paving the way for life on this planet, absorbing impurities, clearing up the foetid atmosphere and the swamp breath, absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off the life giving oxygen that we breathe.”  Richard St. Barbe Baker

When tree cover is destroyed it is a threat to both man and the creatures. The protection of world wildlife was in the vanguard of the conservation movement and it was very soon recognised that it was not possible to protect the wild animals and the threatened species without protecting their tree-cover habitat because they, like ourselves, need an adequate supply of oxygen, the very breath of life. The main source of oxygen is the evergreen tropical forests. “Richard St. Barbe Baker


Hanley, Paul.  Eleven, Eleven billion people will share this planet by century’s end Adding 4 billion to an already overburdened world will force everyone to change everything.

Life on the Brink: Environmentalists Confront Overpopulation Paperback – December 1, 2012 by Eileen Crist (Editor, Contributor),‎ Philip Cafaro (Editor, Contributor)

Why I am Vegetarian by Richard St. Barbe Baker

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