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Extreme cold warning issued for Saskatoon for -40 wind chills

Extreme winter weather
Extreme winter weather

CBC News reports that people in Saskatoon braving the outdoors despite extreme cold Wind chills will make it feel like –40 across Saskatchewan

It is the kind of weather where hot water freezes when thrown up into the air at forty below zero degrees F. What happens to you when you walk your dog when there are extreme winter weather warnings?

If the wind chill dips down to –28 or colder, exposed skin can freeze in less than half an hour! Then when the weather drops to –40, now frostbite can occur on exposed areas of skin in less than 10 minutes. If it gets colder yet, say to –55, then the danger of frostbite occurs within two minutes. Frostbite affects both humans and their pets outdoors on off leash dog walks.

Please dress adequately for the weather. In the extreme weather warnings, ski pants and “thermal long johns” may help to keep you warmer. Down fill jackets go a long way towards warmth. Check the cold rating on your boots, and layer in a felt insole for extra coziness for your toes. Always remember at least one pair of mittens, if not two pairs of mittens. Two pairs of socks are also wonderful for warmer feet. Besides protecting fingers and toes, small muscle areas like ears, cheeks and noses need protection from frost bite dangers, so wear scarves or balaclavas. A lot of warmth is lost out the top of the head, so wear a good toque or warm head covering gear.

Cold Weather Dress Warmly
Cold Weather Dress Warmly

Keep your cell phone next to your person when out walking as cold cell phone batteries also are affected by the extreme cold, and will lose their charge quickly in a purse or outer pocket. The cell phone may be a necessity in case of emergency.

Keep your vehicle gassed up above half, as a gas tank below half full may be prone to water vapour build up and freezing. Have your gas station attendant add “gas line antifreeze” when you fill up to prevent troubles starting your car in the winter time. Keep all kinds of antifreeze away from your children and pets, as they are poisonous.

Be aware of the age of your vehicle battery. Batteries have an average lifetime warranty OR a number of “cold weather starts.” The purchase of a battery blanket and / or a trickle charger may keep you and your vehicle running during severe cold weather.

Cold weather: wear the right footwear - warm boots rated for the cold weather
Cold weather: wear the right footwear – warm boots rated for the cold weather

Stock a spare set of battery cables in your car so that you may lend a hand and be a cold weather angel. It just may be that even if your car has been reliable in cold weather, that your vehicle may be the one surprising you and require a winter boost.

If you are stuck and stranded remember:

Stay in your vehicle, and remain calm.
Conserve your energy, and do not tire yourself out [ie do not strain yourself trying to push your vehicle out of a snow bank].
If your vehicle is running, be aware of the gas levels, and run only as necessary.
Keep mindful of any snow build up around the car exhaust. If your car is stuck in a snow bank, and it is running then carbon monoxide poisoning can build up in the car interior if the exhaust if plugged with snow.
Move your fingers and toes regularly.

Check your vehicle’s emergency winter supplies.

In your vehicle emergency kit pack:

Battery booster cables for your own dead vehicle or to help another stranded family
Food that is good to eat at all times such as granola bars, raisins, dates, spirulina and hemp hearts. [Do not feed raisins nor dates to your pet]
Blankets are a must.
Spare medications.
Extra winter clothing and boots adequate for changing tires.
First aid kit for minor emergencies.
A small shovel or folding shovel in case you get stuck, and can dig your way out. Sand, road salt, or cat litter will help provide traction.
Spare cell phone charger.
A flashlight to shine to attract help and assistance.
A whistle to make noise for help.
Candles in a deep can along with matches.
A tow rope or chain.
Emergency signalling, flourescent tape, cones, beacon, flares etc.
A tarp or rain poncho and reflective foil double bubble foil insulation will help conserve body heat for longer times of winter stranding. The poncho or tarp will keep your body heat closer to you within the vehicle, or wrap around more than one person and / or pets to share warmth. The foil is lightweight, and packs in small rolls and will reflect your body heat back to you if you sit on it. Cuddle into your emergency blanket, then layer on the foil insulation then the tarp/rain poncho for heat conservation.

What else can you think of?

Keep your pets safe

Keep yourself safe during times of extreme cold weather. Know what to do before you are out and away from home during times of severe wind chill warnings!

“I love the scents of winter! For me, it’s all about the feeling you get when you smell pumpkin spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, gingerbread and spruce.”–Taylor Swift


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