What’s coming up for National Forest Week?

Still upcoming are an afternoon tree planting session out at Diefenbaker park, Followed by a session on National Healing Forests, a wonderful opportunity to engage in truth and reconciliation and healing between cultures. A Healing Forest project brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous neighbours to plan and develop green spaces where survivors and families of the Residential School legacy, as well as all Canadians, can heal, do ceremony, reflect, discuss and meditate.

The City of Saskatoon celebrates National Forest Week during “Urban forests and greenspaces enhance Saskatoon’s quality of life.” YXE Green infrastructure strategy is a new department at City Hall, and will speak to their grassroots programme. Evolving challenges, opportunities and constraints faced by Urban Forestry best management practices are critical elements in development and implementation of plans and the promotion of urban forestry biodiversity. Learn more about our green city.

Ecological assessment through citizen scientist will be examined in an evening virtual webinar where insight is provided into a great tool to find out “What is it?” Right after Why is the sky blue? another great all time favourite question and curiosity is to delve into the natural world around us and learn more natural history. If you would like to know how to promote and preserve biodiversity – species at risk- around you, “When and Where did You See what?” will provide guidance in your successful and fun endeavours.

Health and wellness outdoors is always a favourite go-to, and now the best ever prescription is that your physician can actually have this capacity to boost our immune system. What a great time to validate the relationship between human health in nature, and the value of this time invested.

Finally, there will be a great way to commemorate the tenth anniversary of National Forest Week with a grand finale with a holistic connection with nature. A bioblitz or nature assessment in the afternoon in a large 326 acre green space will explore the heritage and natural aspects of a man-made forest on the prairies. If you miss this heritage walk and nature connection tour, please email friendsafforestation@gmail.com to arrange another time. This Sunday afternoons at two place based tour will be followed by a virtual evening session on the holistic approaches and strategies of the forest wildland-urban interface.

SOS Trees has a guided urban forestry walk which is available online.

We gratefully acknowledge the amazing speakers to date for National Forest Week – Our Forests Continually Giving.

Dr Ryan Brook’s WECE lab was wildly exciting evening as the wildlife in Saskatoon was expounded upon. The co-existence of wildlife and the growing urban population is imperative during climate change as the shortage of wild habitats decreases, and climate change affects the very lives and existence of the native wild animals we take for granted. The TREE lab of the MAD lab, and the Shelterbelt Decision Support System [SB-DSS] App were both truly fascinating topics to experience from Dr. Colin Laroque. The climate history of the CLS synchotron was amazing, and provided food for thought in the various aspects being undertaken to involve students and teachers across Canada. Saskatchewan and Canadian government programmes going forward will find great opportunities to support farmers with the Shelterbelt Decision Support System [SB-DSS] app provides concrete scientific data for the carbon capture capacity of shelterbelts now that we are in the fourth year of drought. The Shelterbelt Decision Support System [SB-DSS] – how does this free tool give value to farmers and the potential for cash in pocket?The preservation of trees is not only a great way to maintain the top soil on the prairie farmland, the urban forest canopy does so much for cities. Linda Moskalyk from SOS Trees shed fascinating insights into the value of nature based solutions for climate action.

Before the week is over – pop down to City Hall and have your picture taken with the National Forest Week flag!

Thank you for coming out to the preliminary National Forest Week sessions, and we hope to see you at the upcoming programmes. Our Forests Continually Giving – protecting us from droughts and floods, providing us with air and water, mitigating climate change, our forests are amazing.

Our goal for National Forest Week is to promote discussion about trees and forests, and their multiple and essential benefits. The health of trees is being affected by climate change but trees are also a necessary solution in mitigating it. We aim to raise awareness about what trees and forests give us and what we need to do in return to protect and enhance trees and forests.

For directions as to how to drive to “George Genereux” Urban Regional Park

For directions on how to drive to Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area

For more information:

Blairmore Sector Plan Report; planning for the Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area, George Genereux Urban Regional Park and West Swale and areas around them inside of Saskatoon city limits

NEW P4G District Official Community Plan

Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada north of Cedar Villa Road, within city limits, in the furthest south west area of the city. 52° 06′ 106° 45′


Part SE 23-36-6 – Afforestation Area – 241 Township Road 362-A

Part SE 23-36-6 – SW Off-Leash Recreation Area (Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area ) – 355 Township Road 362-A

S ½ 22-36-6 Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area (West of SW OLRA) – 467 Township Road 362-A

NE 21-36-6 “George Genereux” Afforestation Area – 133 Range Road 3063

Wikimapia Map: type in Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area

Google Maps South West Off Leash area location pin at parking lot

Web page: https://stbarbebaker.wordpress.com

Where is the Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area? with map

Where is the George Genereux Urban Regional Park (Afforestation Area)?with map

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