Leveraging the NCL to Support Local Climate Action

Leveraging the National Climate League to Support Local Climate Action
On-line Climate Networking Event
April 1, 2021, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

The National Climate League (NCL) is a comprehensive, multi-indicator report card for cities across Canada.  Come to this on-line event to learn more about how to leverage the comparative scores of cities, including Saskatoon and Regina, to help support your cause.  NCL tracks a wide range of indicator for cities similar to Saskatoon and Regina, such as tree canopy, bike lanes, energy generation and building codes.

This event is an opportunity to connect with different individual and organization working towards climate action or sustainable development in Saskatoon and Regina.  If you are looking for help on a specific project in the coming months, or you are looking for a volunteer with a specific skill set, there will be an “open-mic” session to pitch one-minute ideas and share a bit about your organization at the end of the evening.

To register, please go to:  https://forms.gle/AoxtYKEUVK4TyjNj6.  If you prefer not to use google docs, a registration form is attached which you can return to this email address.  Please feel free to circulate this message to others who might be interested.

Margret Asmuss, Aditi Garg, Linda Moskalyk, Tom Gode, Dianne Rhodes, Carroll Chubb and Julia Adamson
We are a group of individuals who want to promote communication and collaboration between individuals and organizations working on climate action.

Download this pdf form to register

Today, March 22 is March 22 is National Water Day and International Water Day, and tomorrow is March 23 is World Meteorological Day with a 2021 theme of – The ocean, our climate and weather and a day to pay attention to climate change and the changing weather patterns.

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United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

“Every bird, every tree, every flower reminds me what a blessing and privilege it is just to be alive.” – 

Marty Rubin

“A simple act of kindness and compassion towards a single animal may not mean anything to all creatures, but will mean everything to one.”
― Paul Oxton

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