National Forest Week The last full week of September. Maple Leaf Day the Wednesday of that week.
National Forest Week The last full week of September. Maple Leaf Day the Wednesday of that week.

National Forest Week 2021 theme – “Our Forests – Continually Giving”

Timeline of events. Virtual Webinars at 7:00 pm. In-person events at 2:00 pm

Saskatoon’s Wildlife – the real night life in Saskatoon! Sat. Sep 18 7:00

Saskatoon trail cams reveal who’s who. Presented by Dr. Ryan Brook.

Nature Snapshot in Time Sun Sep 19 2:00

We cannot protect and manage what we don’t know. Become a naturalist. Discover Saskatoon’s cultural and historic heritage.

Forestry Farm Walking Tour Sun Sep. 19 2:00

Have you ever wondered about the history of the Forestry Farm Park?

Canada-wide CLS environmental education program explores historical time lines Sun. Sep 19 7:00

Can you take a trip back in time? Find out about electron beam energy, environmental education, and the Canadian Light Source TREE progam. Presented by Dr. Colin Laroque

Flag Raising Ceremony Mon Sep 20 2:00 show your support for Saskatoon’s urban forests – Come to City Hall!

Community based support for urban forests. Flag raising is a celebration of our relationship and solidarity with trees and forests.

The urban forest and climate change Mon Sep 20 7:00

The health of trees is being affected by climate change but trees are also a necessary solution in mitigating it. Presented by Linda Moskalyk, SOS Trees Inc.

During National Forest Week enjoy the self-guided SOS Tree Tour of unique trees in our fair city!

Benefits of Shelterbelts – SB– Decision Support System Tues Sep 21 7:00

The Shelterbelt Decision Support System [SB-DSS] – The Shelterbelt Decision Support System [SB-DSS] – how does this free tool give value to farmers and the potential for cash in pocket? Presented by Dr. Colin Laroque.

National Healing Forests Wed Sep 22 7:00

Imagine woodland setting(s) for health, wellness, understanding and respect across cultures. Presented by Patricia Stirbys (Indigenous relations specialist) and Peter Croal (P. Geol. International Environment and Development Advisor)

Tree Canada Tree Planting Diefenbaker Park Sept 22 2:00-5:00

Urban Forests and Greenspaces enhance Saskatoon’s Quality of Life Thurs Sep 23 7:00

Urban forests and green infrastructure in a Changing Climate presented by the City of Saskatoon YXE Green Infrastructure Strategy and Urban Forestry.

When and Where did you see What? Sep 24 at 7:00 pm

Three steps to get started in saving and conserving species. How these tips and tricks made me a better Naturalist.

PaRx has Officially Arrived in Saskatchewan! Sat Sep 25 7:00

PaRx, Canada’s first national nature prescription program, has officially arrived in Saskatchewan! With guest speakers Dr. Melissa Lem, Director of PaRx, as well as University of Saskatchewan medical students Brooklyn Rawlyk and Sehjal Bhargava

Forest connections and guided walk Sunday Sep 26 at 2:00

A snapshot of nature in time to document how healthy the environment is. Celebrate Saskatoon’s rich history

Our Forests. Are They Alive?  Sunday Sep 26 7:00

Seeing, and orienting towards a holistic experience, tapping into intuition, exploring how forests think, delving into the forest heart. With revelations by Charles Eisenstein, Geneen Marie Haugen, Sadghuru, Suzanne Simard, Arts and Wildwoods.



Please contact for more National Forest Week events which you have planned to add them to the above timeline of events to celebrate National Forest Week with a theme – “Our Forests – Continually Giving”

This program for National Forest Week is brought to you by the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas an environmental non-profit charity that was created to preserve and restore the 326-acre Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area and the 148-acre George Genereux Urban Regional Park. Our work reinforces the 1979 City Council decision designating these afforestation areas on the western fringe of Saskatoon to “be preserved in perpetuity.” They are important habitat for wildlife as well as semi-wild public spaces for recreation and nature immersion. The larger of these two areas is named after Richard St. Barbe Baker (1889-1982), who has been called the “first global conservationist” and in recognition of this he was made the first Honorary Life Member of the World Wildlife Fund in 1969. A British forester who also homesteaded and studied in Saskatoon, he dedicated his entire life unfailingly to the preservation and planting of trees and forests.