SK Tire Recycling Program updated!

We feel that our greatest victory remains to be won when man will realize his oneness with the trees, the creatures and with all living things, not ours to destroy, but to be handed on for the enjoyment of future generations. – Richard St. Barbe Baker.


Right now over 70 percent of the world population is convinced that something serious has to be done about the dangers facing the planet. …Most of humanity wants to know how to make the change. It’s one of those tipping-point times where things can change unbelievably fast… Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson

“This is a very important recycling program for the people of Saskatchewan,” Environment Minister Scott Moe said May 2017, “The review of the program showed there are areas where we need to make improvements to ensure the continued recycling of tires and an effective program overall for the industry.”

We feel that our greatest victory remains to be won when man will realize his oneness with the trees, the creatures and with all living things, not ours to destroy, but to be handed on for the enjoyment of future generations. – Richard St. Barbe Baker.

“All of this is done at no charge to the RM, no charge to the ratepayers and it is a one-time free clean-up program,…Once we’re done in an RM we won’t go back a second time,” said special projects director Jackie Kuntz, “We can only do 25 to 40 RMs in a given year because it’s funded by our surplus dollars, there’s no government funding here.”

“We are committed to working with industry to reduce overall costs to society of managing waste and protecting the environment,” said previous Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management (SERM) Minister Lorne Scott “These regulations will ensure that used tires are collected and recycled across the province. There will be fewer tires in Saskatchewan’s waste stream and fewer environmental risks from tires in landfills.”

Black Gold Rush focuses on the clean up of tires often “stockpiled on private property and farmland, because there was no other disposal option available.” There are “pick up” maps for when the “Black gold rush” is in your area.

Canadian Association of Tire Recycling Agencies has a mandate to divert scrap tires from the environment and the landfill, and encourage recycling across Canada. In Saskatchewan, the contact information is:

Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation
420 – 2220 12th Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 0M8
Phone: (306) 721-8473 (721-TIRE)
Fax: (306) 721-1585

Such a recycling program is truly a prime example of hospitality, friendliness, helpfulness, neighborliness for Sask Tourism, and for the environment.

There is an emanation from the heart in genuine hospitality which cannot be described, but is immediately felt and puts the stranger at once at his ease.
~Washington Irving


Black Gold Rush Scrap Tire Clean Up.

Government to help Saskatchewan’s Scrap Tire Recycling Program New regulations to ensure province continues to have an effective scrap tire collection program. May 2, 2017

Government to Improve Saskatchewan’s Scrap Tire Recycling Program. Saskatchewan Government News Release. Saskatoon Asian Network. May 1, 2017

Province introduces mandatory scrap tire collection program. Sept 17, 1998 Government of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Auto Recyclers Association

Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation. Collection Zones. “Full implementation will take effect April 4, 2017”

Scrap Tire Recycling. Provincial Tire Recycling Programs.

Briere, Karen. Used tire collection program enters Phase 3 Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corp. | Black Gold Rush program aims to rid the province of its stockpile of old tires Western Producer. April 3, 2014

Used Tire Recycling Program. Government of Canada. Pollution and Waste, Managing and Reducing Waste, Extended Producer Responsibility, Inventory of Programs.

We’ve got your tire recycling answers. Recycle Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation. SSTC.

The atmosphere breathes rest and comfort, and the many chambers seem full of welcomes.~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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This website is about the Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area - an urban regional park of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The hosts are the stewards of the afforestation area. The afforestation area received its name in honour of the great humanitarian, Richard St. Barbe Baker. Richard St. Barbe Baker (9 October 1889 – 9 June 1982) was an English forester, environmental activist and author, who contributed greatly to worldwide reforestation efforts. As a leader, he founded an organization, Men of the Trees, still active today, whose many chapters carry out reforestation internationally. {Wikipedia} Email is StBarbeBaker AT to reach the Stewards of the Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area

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